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The city has a variety of affordable options including single family, duplexes and apartments. For more information call a local realtor.

Serenity Suites

Serenity Suites is a newly built senior assisted living community. For more information call (507) 380-2360.

Rental Duplexes

The City Economic Development Authority owns and rents 5 rental duplexes for $770/month. For more information contact Brandon Baune at (507) 342-5519 or contact us.

Vacant Lots

The EDA also has seven vacant lots available for new housing construction. Prices range from $22,000 to $26,000 plus terms. The lots are fully developed including paved streets, curb and gutter and all municipal utilities. Serenity Suites in Wabasso Serenity Suites in Wabasso

lots-for-sale May Street Addition Lots for Sale

Heritage Apartments in Wabasso Heritage Apartments

EDA Townhouses in Wabasso EDA Townhouses

View the Sewer Rehab Project website for project information and updates.Visit the Site
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