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Water / Sanitary Sewer / Storm Sewer

Water, Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Systems

The City of Wabasso is committed to providing effective water, storm water and waste water management systems that ensure citizens have appropriate runoff drainage.

Storm water is water that originates during precipitation events. Storm water that does not soak into the ground becomes surface runoff, which either flows directly into surface waterways or is channeled into storm sewers, which eventually discharge to surface waters.

The waste water treatment plant is located at on Highway 6 and operated by Jim Jenniges. The current system is preparing to add expansion ponds to meet the increasing needs of the community.

Jim Jenninges

Public Works Director

Residents and businesses are responsible for the portion of pipe that runs from their home to the City easement. If you are having a sewer problem in your home, first determine if it is within your household plumbing. If your neighbor across the street does not have a problem or if only some drains are affected, then the problem is within your home and you should call a plumber. Tree roots tend to be the most common problem with these lines. If water is coming up in the house when no water is being used, the problem is most likely in the city main sewer line.

Sanitary Sewer Waste

Sanitary sewer waste is collected and treated at the waste water treatment plant is located along highway 6 on the north end of town.  The position of Sewer and Water Superintendent is presently vacant.  The department is presently operated by Jim Jenniges. The city of Wabasso is currently in the planning, grant writing, and engineering phase of a $22 million storm water renovation project throughout the community. The current collection system will be replace or repaired and ponds constructed to accommodate the increasing needs of the city.

Monthly Water and Sewer Rates


  • Base Rate: $35.45/month
  • Flow Rate: $7.22/1,000 gallons


  • Base Rate: $43.56/month
  • Flow Rate: $5.51/1,000 gallons

Access charge for new services: $800 each for water & sewer connections.

View the Sewer Rehab Project website for project information and updates.Visit the Site
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