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The City Council of the City of Wabasso, Redwood County, Minnesota ordains:

Section 1. Definitions. The term “deadly weapons” as used herein shall include the following: 1) all firearms; 2) bows and arrows; 3) cross bows: 4) all instruments used to expel at velocity any pellets of any kind, including but not limited to BB guns and air rifles; 5) sling shots; 6) sand clubs; 7)  metal knuckles; 8 ) daggers, dirks, and knives, switchblade or spring blade or push button knives, stilletos, or black jacks.

            Section 2. Discharge Prohibited. Accept as herein specifically authorized, all discharging and use of deadly weapons within the corporate limits of the City of Wabasso is hereby prohibited.

            Section 3. Aiming of a Deadly Weapon. The aiming of any deadly weapon, whether loaded or not, at or toward any human being is hereby prohibited.

            Section 4. Possession and Transportation.

  • No minors under the age of 18 years shall handle or have any deadly weapon in his possession or under his control, except while accompanied by or under the immediate discharge of his parent or guardian, except in the case of firearms if the individual holds a firearm safety certificate recognized by the Minnesota Department of Conservation or is actually enrolled in a program to obtain the same, or holds a valid Minnesota Hunting License issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
  • Firearms may be transported in the City of Wabasso in the following manner and not otherwise:
  • In a motor vehicle, only if the firearm is unloaded and placed in a secured container or located in the trunk of the vehicle; except all handguns must be in a secured container and located in the trunk, or if there is no trunk, in the farthest real position in the vehicle.
  • Not in a motor vehicle, only if the firearm is unloaded, placed in a secured container and is being carried between the home or business of the owner and a motor vehicle, gunsmith, gun dealer, or hunting area.

The provisions of this Section shall not apply to transport by persons lawfully engaged in the business of making, selling, or repairing firearms while carrying on their occupation, no to military personnel or peace officers in the course of their duties.

  • The possession by any person, other than a peace officer, military personnel while on duty, and persons holding special commissions while carrying on their occupations, o any firearms concealed or furtively carried on the person is hereby prohibited except when the person has obtained a permit to possess or transport a pistol under the provisions of Minn. Stat. 624.714 as amended.
  • The possession by any person, other than a peace officer, military persons while on duty, or persons holding commissions while carrying on their occupations, of any deadly weapon other than a firearm concealed or carried on the person is hereby prohibited.

Section 5. Exceptions. The following activities are specifically excepted from the restrictions of Section 2 herein:

  1. In lawful defense of person or property against an unlawful act;
  2. By persons holding special police commissions, peace officers, or military personnel in the course of their duties and in necessary connection with enforcement of law;
  3. Discharge of a blank ammunition in connection with a public event or as a starter’s gun for an organized athletic event;
  4. Upon an indoor target range;
  5. In connection with a licensed carnival, where the weapon is so secured as to prevent it’s being fired except within the confines of an enclosed range and pervious to the passage of bullets,
  6. Recreational target shooting of a bow and arrow with target tips directed at a target with a back stop with an impenetrable wall extending at least two feet on each side of the target and from the target to the ground and at least two feet above the target, only on private property and with the permission of the property owner, and only provided that such target shooting is under conditions and circumstances as not to endanger any person or property and is conducted in a safe and reasonable manner. This exception does not apply to cross bows; and
  7. Persons acting under the authority of the City of Wabasso or in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources in controlling nuisance animals.

Section 6. Any violation of this ordinance shall constitute a petty misdemeanor and

shall be punishable accordingly.

            Section 7. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption and publication as provided by law.

Adopted by the City Council this 14th day of February, 1994.

                                                                                                John Van Loy

                                                                                                Acting Mayor


Marilyn J Davis

City Clerk

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