Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Ordinance No. 214B - Construction - Wabasso MN
  • The City Council of the city of Wabasso, Redwood County, Minnesota ordains as follows:
  • Section 1. Definitions.
  • A. Structure: Including, but not limited to any building, fence, deck, patio, carport,
  • addition, permanent pools or paving or cementing of any area including driveways, patios,
  • sidewalks, etc.
  • B. Lot Line: the property line bounding a lot except that where any portion of a lot
  • extends into a public right-of-way the line of said right-of-way shall be the lot line for applying
  • this ordinance.
  • C. Lot Line, Front: That boundary which abuts an existing or dedicated public street. In
  • the case of a corner or irregularly shaped lot it shall be the shortest dimensions fronting the
  • public streets abutting the lot or the side which is used as primary access to the property. The
  • City Council will make final determinations about the designation of the front lot line.
  • D. Lot Line, Rear: That boundary of the lot which is opposite the front lot line. In cases
  • where the rear lot line extends into a platted alley or street, the street or alley line shall be
  • designated as the rear lot line. The City Council will make final determinations about the
  • designations of the rear lot line.
  • E. Lot Line, Side: Any boundary which is not a front or rear lot line.
  • F. Site Plan: A graphic representation of the anticipated use of the area within the lot
  • lines with sufficient detail to show existing and proposed structures and sizes, distances to lot
  • lines, approximate value of new construction and any other topographic or other features
  • affecting the application for a permit.
  • G. Substantial Alteration: Any additions to any existing structure which alters exterior
  • dimensions and/or its distances from lot lines.
  • Section 2. Permits Required.
  • Before work begins on any structure or moving in of any structure, new or used, or
  • undertaking any substantial alteration regardless of size, purpose or type, permission in the
  • form of a permit must be secured from the Wabasso City Council. In the event an applicant
  • begins work on any structure or moving in of any structure, new or used, or undertakes any
  • substantial alteration regardless of size, purpose or type, before obtaining a permit, the
  • application for a permit must be accompanied by a surcharge fee in the amount of $350.00.
  • The City Council shall review each request individually and shall bear in mind the general
  • welfare of all of the residents of the city. Each application will include a site plan, estimated
  • cost, and name and address of the applicant on the form provided by the city office. All
  • applications must include the dimensions as it will be constructed and no structure or
  • substantial alteration may be larger than shown on the site plan.
  • Permit applications need to be presented in time for the monthly city council meeting. If
  • work must commence sooner, the applicant may request the Mayor or any two council
  • members call for a special meeting and the applicant will pay the cost of the council members
  • appearance at said meeting.
  • Section 3. Building Requirements.
  • The City Council shall use the following basic guidelines in determining construction
  • requirements:
  • Each structure or substantial alteration shall be constructed ten (10) feet or more from
  • each side lot line, ten (10) feet or more from the rear lot line and thirty (30) feet or more from
  • the front lot line or in line with the average setbacks prevailing in the area of development. It
  • shall be the applicant’s responsibility to determine accurately the location of the lot lines.
  • These requirements will be followed unless they present undue hardships on the property
  • owner in which case adjustments may be made by the City Council.
  • The City Council may approve construction of a structure or substantial alteration which
  • does not comply with the said basic guidelines if the application for the permit includes a
  • signed statement from the property owner, adjacent to the applicant’s property, who is
  • adversely affected by the variance stating that said owner has no objection to the
  • construction.

Section 4. Removal
Any structure or substantial alteration constructed without the approval of the City
Council shall be subject to the removal if it does not meet the requirements set forth in this

Section 5. Seperability.
Should any section, subdivision, clause or other provision of this ordinance be declared
invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction such decision shall not affect the validity of the
ordinance as a whole nor any part thereof other that the part so declared to be invalid.

Section 6. Repeal.
Ordinance # 214 passed June 8, 1981 and Ordinance # 214A, amendments to Ordinance 214, passed December 11, 2006 are hereby repealed.

Section 7. Penalties.
A violation of this ordinance constitutes a petty misdemeanor punishable by a maximum
fine of $300.00.

Section 8. Effective Date and Applicability.
This ordinance shall apply to all areas with the corporate limits of the City of Wabasso
and shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and publication according to law.
Passed, approved and ordered published this 10th day of September, 2012.

Jerry Frericks, Mayor
Mary K. Smith, City Clerk

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